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We offer innovative and tailor-made solutions using premium raw materials, state-of-the-art technology and smart payment systems.

Quality service and coffee is our passion: taste BETTER QUALITY!

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As a business partner and operator of vending machines (Smart Vending Operator), we can provide a quality beverage service, snacks, better drinking habit, comprehensive services and a unique solution to your needs.

Use our know-how to satisfy your needs and enjoy quality drinks and healthy snacks with specialty and freshly roasted coffee prepared with state-of-the-art technology complemented by top-level services.

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Getting started is easy

Create a workplace where employees love working from and feel refreshed.
Follow the steps below:


Select your needs 

Choose the services, assortment and technologies that you think would best meet you and your workplaces needs.


Arrange a non-binding, introductory meeting

Our representative will come to you to find out your individual needs. Together you will select a package of services and products. From the proposals, you will choose only the best solution directly for you. Schedule an appointment.


Choose your plan and start ordering

Select the plan that suits you best and our team will take care of everything else.

The benefits of working with us

If we haven't convinced you yet, take a look at what we offer and what you can expect.
Our work makes sense for the benefit of enthusiastic and satisfied customers.

Quality and freshness

Quality and always freshly roasted coffee. ECO and BIO packaging, low energy consumption, environmental protection. Support of your environmental goals within ISO 14001.

SMART tailored solutions

We will flexibly adapt to your wishes and needs. We can reduce your existing costs and effectively optimize the use of your current space.

Speed ​​and flexibility

We will always provide you with timely deliveries of goods, services and service locally. We can be contacted 24/7 for your convenience.

Fair approach

Every existing and new customer represents a long-term partnership for us, which we build and strengthen together. Become a part of the CoMa Family.

Product tasting

Snacks and drinks at reasonable prices. Gourmet coffee, delicious hot and cold drinks, local BIO products and foods, sweet and savory delicacies and much more.

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Káva Cofee Marina Premium blend

Premium Blend

70% ARABICA, 30 % ROBUSTA 60 % Brazil FAZENDA SERTÃO + 10 % Ethiopia SUKE QUTO + 30 % Robusta (Indonesia)

Taste profile

Full body with a strong taste and very low acidity. Bitter sweet tones: cocoa, hazelnuts, spices.

Káva Coffee Marina Supreme Blend

Supreme Blend

100 % ARABICA 80 % Brazil FAZENDA SERTÃO + 20 % Ethiopia SUKE QUTO

Taste profile

Medium and velvety balanced body with the scent of fruit. Sweet tones: chocolate, nougat, caramel.



We offer professional coffee machines, sales (VENDING) solutions with a number of patented elements. When choosing a technology, we carefully take into account customer needs and wishes.


Vending machines with 15-46" full HD touch screen. Capacity up to 1200 cups and 54 drinks or spiral vending machines with up to 54 presets and 408 chilled products.

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Professional technologies and products not only for hotels, restaurants, cafes and confectioneries, but also for commercial premises and institutions. Solution with 7-15" full HD touch monitors.

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Not just smart payment systems and high value-added resources. But also a solution for high-quality ultra-pure water or filtration for your better drinking regime and healthy style.

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