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Coffee Marina

We specialize in quality refreshments, we provide individual services and smart tailor-made solutions.

Not only do we believe that coffee is an integral part of the corporate culture but it also offers the opportunity to deliver a lasting impression for your clients. Every day we dream about new ways to improve and are commited to quality and innovation with a passion for excellent customer service.

What is the best snack of beverage solution for you?

Our values

Get an idea of ​​what sets us apart.


Deliveries according to your wishes and needs

We will set a suitable delivery schedule, daily, weekly or monthly deliveries and service as needed. With professional care.

Unique experience and approach with character

We are always eager to improve our services and want to work together to ensure we always provide you best solutions.

Consolidated supplier for your needs

We offer a integrated solutions for the workplace including beverages and snacks for entrance, kitchens and canteens.

Local customer services and service

We can provide services to companies of various sizes, always uniquely designed for the individual needs of each customer.

Why Coffee Marina?

We promise a great taste experience guaranteed to make your day!

Quality raw materials

Not only selected freshly roasted coffee beans, but also other goodies

Modern technology

Interactive machines with a touch screen and all kinds of payments

Professional approach

Individual tailor-made solutions, excellent customer service, fairness


Our story

We wondered why most people refuse coffee from free-standing vending machines. Regular coffee drinkers avoid free-standing coffee machines and associate them with poor quality.

We started to establish strategic partnerships to find a solution. Sure enough we discovered you can enjoy quality hot drinks prepared in a vending machine from premium and freshly roasted coffee beans.

We are proud of both the quality of the coffee and our unique beverage menu.