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The current trend and quality of coffee

Coffee quality has improved almost everywhere: in cafes, bars, restaurants and homes. However, it has not improved in all high-traffic locations that require service 12 to 24 hours a day. At the same time, thanks to the upward consumption of premium coffee, more and more coffee consumers who are more health-oriented rather than focused on price and quantity. Unfortunately, we often do not have time for quality coffee during the day. Sometimes the trend in today's economy is also to "more for less".

Premium coffee from a vending machine

In today's hectic times our aim is to offer a café quality coffee from vending machines. Thanks to modern technologies, quality raw materials and unique know-how, COFFEE MARINA (CoMa) can provide smart solutions and offer high-quality coffee beans, delicious coffee and other hot drinks efficiently.

Quality coffee without waiting as an alternative

Are you in a hurry but need your daily dose of quality hot coffee? Don't have time for coffee in your favorite cafe? To satisfy your taste needs, do not hesitate to try our unique drinks menu, where you will find numerous types of hot drinks (coffee, chocolate and specials) with the possibility of customization. The large touch screen will make your selection easier by displaying detailed information about each drink and by guiding you through the whole process. In addition, you can use any type of payment method.



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