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A reliable partner for long-term cooperation

COFFEE MARINA is a shop with quality coffee and services for the segment: Vending and Horeca, coffee service for offices (OCS).
We have big plans for our project and welcome new opportunities for business partnerships with long-term and fair win-win cooperation. Being a part of CoMa FAMILY brings a number of benefits. Are you interested in cooperating with us and expanding your sales network or partner base? Or do you plan to further develop and improve products and services?

Cooperation with manufacturers and distributors

Do you produce interesting products?
We cooperate with experts and leaders in our field, especially with manufacturers and distributors. Let us know about you and we will evaluate the possibility of including your products in our offer. Thanks to cooperation, our partners, customers and consumers will also learn about you.

Do you want to cooperate with us?

We also welcome interesting business partnerships in these areas.

• Advertising and marketing
• Interesting ideas
• Institution
• Start-ups

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We like to collaborate on new projects with interesting people.