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Small stock or unsatisfactory assortment?

We will provide you with a quality assortment and sufficient stocks.

We will help you provide what you need at great wholesale prices. Choose from our menu, which includes, for example, specialty coffee, delicious hot and cold drinks, local BIO products and foods, confectionery or savory delicacies and many other goodies according to your wishes and needs.

What is the best snack product mix for your office, stores and workplace?

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Produkty - Výběrová Káva

Specialty (gourment) coffee

It smells nice, tastes great and is really addictive. It contains a lot of nutrients and can supply up to 70% of antioxidants in the nutriment (more than from fruits and vegetables) and thus protect our cardiovascular system or suppress the development of cancer.

We know everything about our coffee that is needed for perfect taste pleasure. From the area of ​​farms, the names of growers, to harvesting, processing and storage.

Coffee is one of the most healthy drinks.
Therefore, demand really good quality coffee beans.



Cold and chilled drinks

In addition to ultra-pure water from Aquamat, we also offer quality mineral water, syrups for the preparation of lemonades and cocktails, premium Mexican juices and popular Italian lemonades made exclusively from Italian ingredients and high-quality mineral water.

Treat yourself to these amazingly good drinks.

Hot drinks

We supply hot coffee, chocolate and milk drinks from free-standing vending machines. You will also find quality syrups for the preparation of hot drinks, as well as raw materials for the preparation of other hot drinks (eg tea, thick chocolate, bombardino and more).

Do you want a well-tuned and unique drink menu?

  • Jumex
  • Crodo
  • Biogena
  • Kitl


Tasty sweet snacks.

Our assortment includes, for example, popular and well-known fruit muesli and energy bars, coconut BIO and energy chips, packaged pita puff pastry donuts and many other amazing dishes, sweet instant mixes and sweets on request.

Healthy salty snacks

These include, for example, dried fruits, organic cornflakes, flavored bruschetta slices, or chilled meals, instant mixes, semi-finished products and canned ingredients, including others according to your needs. On request, we can individually arrange the necessary assortment for you.

Do you want to provide really good refreshments?

  • Golden Snack
  • Krambals
  • Karuzo
  • Zigi
  • Twiggy
Produkty - Doplňkový sortiment

Additional assortment

Among other things, this includes popular corporate means of payment, such as NFC / RFID cards, chips and NFC stickers.
We offer multifunctional contactless devices with high added value. On request, we can also supply contactless chip cards with your own printing.

We can also provide you with beverage and food packaging, porcelain dishes and much more.

Are you interested in a specific additional assortment?

  • Huhtamaki
  • Mifare
  • Coffee-Marina