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We specialise in creating better work breaks using quality refreshments to that the coffee-run is efficient and meaningful.

Treat your employees and to quality beverages and tasty snacks for better motivation and performance. Enjoy trouble-free services and smart solutions so that no misses anything.

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Coffee and Beverage Service

When setting the drink menu and tasty snacks, we can meet the requirements of each customer.

Vending and HoReCa

Vending machines and technologies, raw materials and products for Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes (HoReCa).

Quality coffee as a benefit

Protect the environment and provide quality coffee are key elements for a positive mood in offices.

Cooperation and advertising

You can also use our vending machines for campaigns. This is effective way of moving ads.

We promise a great taste experience that will improve the day for each of you.

Beverage and coffee service (OCS) not only for offices

We believe that coffee is an important part of the work experience, whether it is a night shift or the working day. We offer gourmet coffee beans and popular coffee drinks flavored with milk or quality chocolate for offices, shops and workshops. We can also provide popular cold drinks.

Our team will be pleased and excited to help you create the ideal package of services and products for your specific needs. We can meet the requirements of each and every customers by providing unique drink menus and tasty snacks.

Which beverage and coffee solution suits you best?

Vending and HoReCa

Vending machines as well as technologies, raw materials and products for Hotels, Restaurants, Cafés (HoReCa) are an integral part of our solutions and services. Our domain is smart and effective solutions to your needs.

We use modern trends and interactive technologies. You do not have to worry about the resulting quality of drinks or snacks, as well as about any type of payment method.

Of course, there are combined solutions for any operation area and place that meet high demands, especially with their quality, efficiency and functionality. And we don't forget about the environment either.

Are you interested in a unique sales solution, a beverage and snack vending machine or horeca technology?

Quality coffee as a benefit for employees

The perception of coffee in the workplace has been changing more and more recently. Recent surveys show that quality coffee is valued by employees as the most important benefit.

Protect the environment, quality coffee and beverages. These are key elements for a positive mood in the office. That is why coffee machines and vending machines function as popular meeting places in companies where people talk to each other and have the opportunity to develop and establish interpersonal relationships. In addition, a personal meeting with a cup of delicious coffee significantly encourages creativity. Do you care about your employees and business partners?

Do you also want to improve your coffee break?

Collaboration and advertising

You can also include our vending machines for your campaigns. This is a very effective way of moving ads to specific audiences. It doesn't always have to be just advertising. Our technology can be used, for example, for local sponsorship and fundraisers or just for regular information about past and planned company events.

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