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Unique vending solutions

We use professional coffee machines, vending machines and combined solutions with patented elements. When choosing a suitable interactive technology, we carefully take into account customer needs and wishes. You will find timeless design and high user and payment comfort with us.

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Vending (vending machines)

Vending machines with 15-46" full HD touch screen. Capacity up to 1200 cups and 54 drinks or spiral vending machines with up to 54 presets and 408 chilled products.

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HoReCa(Hotel, Restaurant, Café)

Professional technologies and products not only for hotels, restaurants, cafes and confectioneries, but also for commercial premises and institutions. Solution with 7-15" full HD touch monitors.

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Others(payments, filtration, accessories)

Not just smart payment systems and high value-added resources. But also a solution for high-quality ultra-pure water or filtration for your better drinking regime and healthy style.

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Advantages and benefits of professional technology

Simple and intuitive operation, smart payments, multilingualism. Interactive touch screens and displays including audio guide. Delicious cold and hot drinks, a wide range of coffee flavors and snacks. Smart sensors and transducers. Safety and environmental friendliness, low energy consumption and many other benefits.

Multifunction touch screen

Large full HD screen with sizes from 7 "to 46". Ability to edit and play multimedia content in various formats. Intuitive navigation menu and very high user comfort.

Výhody binachi displej
Vakuový zásobník

Vacuum coffee bean hopper

Thanks to the unique patented solution and the combination of a vacuum system in the coffee bean hopper (even during dispensing and grinding of beans), better preservation of taste and freshness is possible.

Perfect milk foam

The large-capacity fresh milk module with a cup heating shelf ensures frothing and velvety soft milk froth for a wide range of delicious drinks. Also with automatic rinsing and daily cleaning function.

Lahodná pěna
Lahodné variace chuti

Delicious flavor combinations

The patented espresso unit enables a precise procedure for preparing espresso coffee while adhering to a certified Italian tradition.

The brewing unit with a variable chamber (7-14g) ensures optimal conditions for even compression and brewing of coffee in the chamber.

Coffee with pre-infusion, so-called pre-brewing of freshly ground coffee with hot water under low pressure. The result is an uniformed extraction and balanced coffee with a fine caramel foam.

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